tisdag 15 oktober 2013

Popcorn Birthday Cake!

Made this birthday cake that looks like a bag of popcorn for my little brothers birthday. I'm really happy with the results! Turned out much better than I expected! :)

I just baked a double batch of cake batter and then divided the batter into two rectangular pans. After it was done in the oven, I just let it cool for a while and prepared the filling which consisted of vanilla-mousse, strawberry-mousse, strawberry jam and whipped cream. Cut away the top of each cake so that it would become more even on top. Then I cut each cake in half so I got 4 parts . (Cake, vanilla-mousse, cake, strawberry-mousse, cake, strawberry jam, cake, whipped cream). I used white marzipan and rolled it out so that it would fit the cake. For the stripes i used red sugar paste. At the front where the "popcorn" would be I took frosting and sprayed all along the edge.

The popcorn is made of mini-marshmallows that I cut in the middle and then put together again but at different angles so that it would look like popcorn. Put all the finished "popcorn" on plastic wrap and sprayed it with yellow, edible spray so it would look like butter. Then I just put them on the frosting. Done!